Types of Projects


HLCS aims to improve the quality of life for Palestinian Christians through the following initiatives:


Student Scholarships

Palestinians are one of the most educated communities in the Arab world, but the psychological trauma experienced by students amidst ongoing conflict is contributing to an educational crisis. HLCS scholarships are offered to elementary, secondary and higher education students in Bethlehem, Ramallah and Aboud to empower youth in efforts to build sustainable futures. Students attend private Christian schools.

Economic Development

Job Creation and Microfinance

Promoting short-term job opportunities and providing small microfinance loans supports the dwindling Palestinian Christian community through setting up the groundwork for sustainable income generation in the future. HLCS distributes micro-loans to advance in the professional development of Christians and improve their living conditions and access to education. Our microfinance loans accelerate professional development in all sectors, including agricultural and construction. Loans are given in the amount of $500 and are repaid in $50 installments over time. To date, all loans have been repaid.

Community Support

Medical Services and Humanitarian Assistance

HLCS provides vital emergency medical services to the Christian community through a variety of services and supplies. HLCS coordinated the shipment of medications and medical equipment including a kidney dialysis machine, x-ray machines, hospital beds to Bethlehem for the local community. These provisions were donated with a retail value in excess of $1 million for humanitarian aid goals. HLCS also provides for critical medical treatment for children in an orphanage.

Building Renovations

HLCS is able to fund renovation projects, employ parish workers at important locations such as St. Joseph’s Church in Bethlehem. Currently, HLCS is working on renovations for a community center playground.

Water Projects

Since water is a critical issue, HLCS has given grants for water projects in the Bethlehem area. These grants have supported alternative energy sources to collect and secure water.

Women’s Education

Since adult educational opportunities are sometimes limited in the West Bank, HLCS has assisted with the education of women in small villages to acquire computer skills to provide for increased income.

Supporting Local Trades

Throughout history, the Christian church has used art to teach the word of Jesus to people. HLCS supports the traditional olive woodcarving industry and embroidery by encouraging tourism in the Holy Land.