Pray For Us

Prayer is very powerful and we humbly thank you for taking time to pray for us. Below are some of our prayer requests:

Pray for Guidance

Prayers for guidance for our continued activities and for support for our current projects. We also pray for guidance to create new projects that further our mission.
Pray for Receptivity

Prayers for students and families that are receptive and open to learning and education. That they may open their minds to knowledge that will help them sustain their lives today and in the future.


Pray for Opportunities

Prayers for open doors and new opportunities that become clear to help increase economic development, education, and jobs for the Christian community in the Holy Land.


Pray for Clergy and Places of Worship

Prayers for protection for the clergy, parish members, and places of worship. That the place of Jesus’ birth may be preserved and the Christians working so hard to protect it may continue to do their good work in safety and good health.


Pray for Christian Families

Prayers for Christians in the Holy Land and in America that they may work together to forward the mission of HLCS through engaging others and creating greater awareness and understanding about the challenging situation.


Pray for Peace and Resolution

Prayers for peace and agreement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that the communities trust in God to provide a means for peace.