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We greatly appreciate your generous donations to HLCS. We will apply your contribution to where it is most needed, or you can specify one of the following gifts:

Education and Student Scholarships

HLCS scholarships are offered to elementary, secondary, and higher education students in the Bethlehem and Ramallah, Palestine areas and in Nazareth, Israel to empower youth in efforts to build sustainable futures.

Microfinance and Job Creation

HLCS distributes microfinance loans to advance the professional development of Christians and to improve their living conditions and access to education. Our microfinance loans accelerate professional development in all sectors, including agriculture and construction.

Medical Services and Humanitarian Assistance

HLCS provides vital emergency medical services to the Christian community through a variety of services and supplies. HLCS coordinated the shipment to Bethlehem of medications and medical equipment, including a kidney dialysis machine, x-ray machines, and hospital beds for the local community.

Building Renovations

HLCS funding for church restoration and school infrastructure helps to preserve the sacred, historic places of worship in the Holy Land and helps reignite hope where it’s been lost.

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PLEASE NOTE: Financial assistance is carefully routed through trusted partners in order to ensure complete transparency and accountability of all donations. For more information, contact us.